On writing more

I'm trying to do that thing with the funny name where you write every day in November.  Go, blogging!


Since I've got The Blathering coming up next week (next week!), I thought I'd spend the next couple days adding a few tidbits about myself.  Never hurts.

1. I have offended Canadians by not appreciating Shania Twain and Celine Dion. 

Ok, so, my view on these ladies has softened considerably in the time since I offended my very first Canadian with this information.  Let's get a few things out of the way: I LOVE Canada.  I have never met a Canadian I didn't like.  Montreal is one of my favorite cities in the whole world.  I don't dislike Shania and Celine BECAUSE they're Candadian.  It just happens to be an interesting correlation, I swear.  I realize that it's strange to put these two artists together, but you may remember that there was a Superbowl somewhere around the year 2000 where Celine sang God Bless America and Shania sang at the halftime show.  


Now that I've said this, I will have you know I know quite a few of their songs by heart.  I would scream-sing the crap out of "It's All Coming Back To Me Now".  I also want to know whose bed your boots have been under.  

And I really love Justin Bieber, so I'm considering myself a reformed Canadian-artist offender.

2. I have a theory that people with small hands progress through life with a slight amount of bitterness.

When everyone gets a handful, their's is inherently smaller.  Think about it.

3. I completely believe in ghosts. 

I believe in ghosts for lots of reasons.  Because I think my mom really did see her mom the night before her First Communion (who had died giving birth to her sister when she was a baby).  Because I think that some people literally stick around to watch over us.  I think ghosts are comforting, that maybe babies see them.  I also think ghosts are effing destroyed because of movies and oh, shit.  I NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT GHOSTS.  ANYWAY.  POINT #3.

4. I have another theory that people who dress AMAZINGLY don't always brush their damn hair.

This came up on Twitter recently and I have to agree: put together is one self-care chore at a time.  I know people with meticulous hair routines who wear a lot of yoga pants. I know people with amazing wardrobes who have little unkempt rat's nest hair.  This is confusing to people who are just trying to look relatively decent because magazines show people looking like Beyonce all over.  Except people DON'T look Beyonce all over.  Heck, we think of Britney Spears as having had a come back, but have YOU SEEN THAT POOR GIRL'S HAIR?  She has a tremendous bank account, stylists, hired artists of all sorts and also… some of the worst extensions the world has ever seen.

(I wear tons of knit lounge wear and try to avoid my hair.  I use only two makeup items every day. I am a different animal.)

5. I really like overalls.  I also have lots of bad dating stories.  And since I've worn a lot of overalls, sometimes they overlap.

Like the time I went on a first date with an Argentinian pre-med student to a pizza place where he didn't offer to pay for my meal, kept talking about the Spanish language music sensations Mana and was a boring and pretentious jerk.

And then we walked back to campus. (I was 17. On a college lunch date.)  And he took the half-full root beer *WHICH I HAD PAID FOR* and poured it down the back of my overalls.


And now, a photo!  Because I love them!

(This one is from my gorgeous friend's pre-wedding makeup/getting ready party.  She's stunning and I brought my camera.  Good combination.)



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