On Harry Potter

TWO DAYS! This is UNPRECEDENTED blogging going on here!


1. I like Harry Potter.

Ok, so I know this isn't some sort of radical, polarizing statement.  Lots of people like Harry Potter (except for those people who are too 'Grown Up' and think that there can't possibly be anything of VALUE in a BOOK written FOR CHILDREN, no matter what I say.  And that's ok.  Those people can go and do whatever they want and read John Grisham. ) (I don't know anything about John Grisham.)

A few years ago, my hire date at my current company coincided with the release of the first installment of the last Harry Potter movie.  I am one of those wackos who goes back and re-reads all the books up to the current movie before I go see it.  And I had TICKETS and twenty-ish pages left before I finished but I HAD TO GO TO WORK because I had a job and a JOB, however I might prefer it, is NOT less important that reading the LAST TWENTY PAGES OF HARRY POTTER BEFORE SEEING THE MOVIE.  So I brought the book with me and sat in my floor's lobby.  There are chairs there.  It seemed to be something you could do, read the last few pages of your young adult novel at work on your lunch break.

Fast forward to today: I'm having the first quarterly meeting with my director since she came back from maternity leave.  I'm terrible at talking about myself and even MORE terrible at setting goals with my managers, so I wasn't entirely sure how this whole meeting was going to play out.  A few minutes in, after noting that I was about to come up on my two year anniversary, she said "remember when you first started working here and you read Harry Potter in the lobby? I thought you were so weird."

SO.  Not ONLY was my director convinced I was the world's most ridiculous nerd, but she went BACK to her desk and IMed all the OTHER MANAGERS to TELL them that I was READING HARRY POTTER IN THE LOBBY.

Basically, I only included this point so that I can tell you that I'm a success story and I have risen against the biases and first impressions of my workplace.  You can too.

2. People like to hate on Jennifer Lopez, but everyone secretly loves her.

Jennifer Lopez puts her name on the only perfume I've worn which makes people stop me on the street to tell me they love it.  It's Glow and they sell even sell it at Target now.  I'm REALLY glad she chose to include the "w" in that title because doesn't THAT just seem like something Jenny from the Block would do?  Exclude a "w"?

I would like to wear the world's best smelling scents and I want everyone to tell me what they like to wear so that I can wear it too.

This reminds me of a story of a former coworker, which reminds me of a story of ANOTHER former coworker.  They are short stories, sentences really:

– I had a coworker who used to call her father in prison collect from her office phone.  On speaker.

– I had a hippie coworker who was BEAUTFUL and VERY sweet and also wore Quelques Fleur. $120 for 1.7 ounces.  It seemed incongruous with her whole personality/look.

3. I have never seen a Star Wars movie.

I've seen PARTS of Star Wars movies.  But never a WHOLE Star Wars movie.  I barely know what (who?) a wookie is.  Princess Leia seems nice and capable.  Someone has a father who is a bad guy.  The end.

4. I can tell you what I was wearing on most days in history with any significance. 

I don't know why and I wish I could remember more IMPORTANT things like how to create a pivot table in Excel efficiently on the first try or statistics around flossing your teeth.  But the truth is if it was something I WORE I remember it best.  See:

I got my first ever pair of boots on a work trip to Seattle when I was 20 at Nordstrom and wore them to sing karaoke ('Ironic', Alanis Morrisette and 'I Do', Lisa Loeb PLUS an extra special appearance as a backup dancer while a coworker slaughtered Sir-Mix-A-Lot) and I had to wear white socks because I didn't KNOW I was going to be buying boots and you couldn't SEE them anyway, but there you go.  THE STORY OF MY FIRST BOOTS.

5. I hate running. I've also completed three full marathons and (I think) seven half marathons.

I still hate it.  EVERY DAMN RUN.  I have had ONE amazing run in my life, ONE time where I felt anything that could be described as even CLOSE to a runner's high (and it was in a blazing hot forest in the open sun on VERY steep hills during a 98 degree day so I could have ACTUALLY been about to pass out).  

I will probably run as long as I am able to.  Because I don't think that you have to love everything that you do, I think you have to love what it means to you.  Maybe one day I'll be a really, really good runner and I'll have fast times and I won't be fluffy (like I am now) and I'll really learn to love the ACTUAL running part.  But for now I think it's ok that I just love the part where I do it.


A few details from a recent wedding in Napa:



4 thoughts on “On Harry Potter

  1. I DID THAT, TOO. When I first started at my job 5 years ago I happened to be re-reading the whole Harry Potter series and I read them on my lunch break in the cafeteria, thinking 1. It’s normal to read on your lunch break, 2. The cafeteria was so crowded and busy no one would notice me, and 3. No one knew who I was, anyway.
    Then some audit having to do with a library came up (two years later!) and the person in charge REQUESTED me since I was the book nerd. It didn’t really bother me, but it did surprise me people noticed. (I’m not so surprised anymore, because who isn’t curious about the new people?)

  2. Yes! Exactly! WE are the normal ones! Who on Earth is incredulous because someone was reading in a CHAIR in a LOBBY on their LUNCH BREAK? Weirdos, that’s who.
    It MAY have been because I don’t really work in a very Harry Potter friendly PLACE, but I don’t actually care. I suppose she was just JEALOUS because HER lunches have never involved excellent reads. JEALOUS. YES. THAT’S IT.

  3. Your thoughts about running pretty much knocked me down. I know we’ve talked about our mutual distaste for the activity, but the way you put it just there–that we actually don’t have to love it?–man…that changes everything. (And removes my most convenient excuse for never running again, dammit.)

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