On thinning hair



1. I would like to eat all your cheese, meat, carbohydrates and vegetables.  I would TECHNICALLY love to eat all your fruit, but I won't.

I, well, I can't stand the texture of fruit.  I don't like pulp or seeds or little fuzz.  It makes my mouth forget to work right.  Which is a DAMN SHAME because fruit is DELICIOUS.  Thankfully, I can do most any fruit item without the textures and consume plenty of apples and grapes and sometimes bananas.

2. I really, really love clean cars but I've kind of come to the conclusion that I will never actually HAVE a clean car on a consistent basis.

I tend to be the type of person who lives out of my car a lot: an overnight bag, extra gym clothes, close-toed shoes, a beach chair (you never know when you'll go to the beach! Or when you'll need extra seating!)

3. I have developed a taste for roller coasters which sadly did not develop when I was a teenager and could actually SPEND TIME and GO TO PLACES WITH ROLLER COASTERS.

I remember going to Six Flags parks and going on SOME rides but not the BIG RIDES because (and I have discussed this somewhere before) I'm NOT an adrenaline junkie.  Even skiing scares the shit of me.  I like to prevent moving my body forward rapidly because everything in my head starts to scream that THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE, DUMMY.

I've gotten over this, mostly, with fun and fast and exciting roller coasters.  I have not forgiven skiing for it's lack of safety.


A few months ago, the space shuttle Endeavor was making a retirement tour of the US.  I happened to be photographing an adorable little family the morning that it was scheduled to (unknowingly) be flying over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tons of people were out and it was honestly, one of those very cool and exciting things that you know you'll remember forever.



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