On trophies



1. I am miserable at receiving compliments.

Everyone is SO nice and says such nice THINGS and I… cringe.  And I'm so thankful for your lovely words, really, I AM.  But as gracious as I like to think I am, compliments leave me frantic and I don't know how to respond like a normal human being.  

You are all very nice.  THANK YOU.  Times a million.

2. I apologize a lot.

My awesome friend, A (who is my very first friend that went from BEST FRIEND/PERSON ON EARTH to blog reader instead of the other way around) pointed out that I apologized a lot in my video.  And it's true, I apologize a whole heck of a lot.  I'm sorry.

3. I was once tricked into going to a rave and it's kind of a fun story.

I don't really have anything against raves and it would have been fun, maybe, IF SOMEONE HAD WARNED ME.  Except for the 16 year olds in what amounts to underwear because I am worried about them and there are MANY dark corners and hordes of people and a lot of them are probably on drugs.  (It is ENTIRELY possible that I was one of maybe three people who were NOT on drugs and I am kind of old enough to be their PARENT and I wanted to give them all cardigans.)  There was very little to eat, drinks were CRAZY expensive, it didn't feel like there was enough water for this BLAZING hot evening and lots of people were so out of it that they just sat down where ever they were and everyone kind of… stepped on them.

Please don't feel judged if you ever invite me to a music festival and I ask lots of follow up questions.


One of the outrageous things I said in my video yesterday was "Look at my ACHIEVEMENTS" with a sweeping arm gesture.  Followed by "next, I will show you my trophies" and a stage whisper of "I don't actually have any trophies." This is a lie and so here it is: my trophy.  Now you've seen it all.



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